2002 MLA Prize Winner

Cybering Democracy
by Diana Saco, Ph.D.

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University of Minnesota Press logo vol. 7 of the Electronic Mediations Series


exploring the humanistic and social implications of new media




Series editors:

Mark Poster, University of California, Irvine

Samuel Weber, Northwestern University

Katherine Hayles, Duke University



the preconditions of a theory [of cyberdemocracy] are impressively explored.

--Wayne Gabardi, Political Theory



a highly mobile and sophisticated discussion of the benefits and liabilities of virtual environments.

--David Heckman, www.reconstruction.ws



explores a range of theoretical terrains that few works have had the energy to engage.

--David Trend, symploke

The Book

Cybering Democracy: Public Space and the Internet
by Diana Saco

Volume 7 of the Electronic Mediations Series
Series Editors:  Katherine Hayles, Mark Poster, and Samuel Weber
Cloth ISBN: 0816635404
Paperback ISBN: 0816635412



he Internet raises provocative questions about democratic participation: Must the public sphere exist as a physical space? Does citizenship require a bodily presence?


n Cybering Democracy, Diana Saco boldly reconceptualizes the relationship between democratic participation and spatial realities both actual and virtual. She argues that cyberspace must be viewed as a produced social space, one that fruitfully confounds the ordering conventions of our physical spaces. Within this innovative framework, Saco investigates recent and ongoing debates over cryptography, hacking, privacy, national security, information control, and Internet culture, focusing on how different on-line practices have shaped this particular social space. In the process, she highlights fundamental issues about the significance of corporeality in the development of civic-mindedness, the exercise of citizenship, and the politics of collective action.

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