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Cybering Democracy: Public Space and the Internet is the winner of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Prize for Independent Scholars for 2002


  • Chambers, Samuel A. “Democracy and (the) Public(s): Spatializing Politics in the Internet Age” (review), Political Theory 2005; 33; 125.
    Excerpt: “Saco demonstrates patiently but persistently that social space can be maintained, lived, and practiced, in ways that need not require physical embodiment. By no means, however, does she throw out the distinction between the physical and the virtual (p. 24); instead she reworks it in creative and highly productive ways.”
  • Heckman, Davin, Cybering Democracy (review), Reconstruction,Post·hum·an·ous issue, Summer 2004: Volume 4, Number 3. Guest Editors: C. Jason Smith, Ximena Gallardo-C., and Geoff Klock.
  • Haas, Tanni, “The Public Sphere as a Sphere of Publics: Rethinking Habermas’s Theory of the Public Sphere” (review essay of five books incorporating Habermas’s ideas), Journal of Communication 54 (1), 178–184. Available from Blackwell Synergy (subscription or single-article purchase required).
  • Trend, David, Cybering Democracy (review), symploke – Volume 12, Number 1-2, 2004, pp. 308-309. Available from Project MUSE (password required).
    Excerpt: Cybering Democracy “explores a range of theoretical terrains that few works have had the energy to engage.”
  • O’Gorman, Marcel, Cybering Democracy (review), Technology and Culture – Volume 44, Number 3, July 2003, pp. 637-638. Available fromProject MUSE (password required).
    Although I criticize some of the more corporate trends apparent in the development of “the Information Superhighway,” O’Gorman still finds me a little too pro-Internet. I accept that reading and appreciate his fair “postcommunist” review of my “comprehensive, posthuman reflection on democracy and cyberspace.”
  • The book received an early mention and “Recommended” notation in theFeminist Academic Press Column, October 2002

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